Zendaya has teamed up with Max & Kurt again for an amazing new cover. They belt out John Lennon’s “All Of Me” Hit, and let me just say it is perfection! The video is amazing as well! I personally hope they keep doing youtube covers together! Make sure to check it out below, and head to Zendaya’s Youtube channel to subscribe & like the video!

I know these are a little late, but I just now realized I had forgot to cap the episode. So, I’ve added screen captures of Zendaya from her guest appearance on Fashion Police that aired March 21st, 2014. Zendaya looked gorgeous in her orange dress. You can view them by clicking the thumbnail set below.

zendaya-colemancomfp_0000056.jpg zendaya-colemancomfp_0000749.jpg zendaya-colemancomfp_0001473.jpg zendaya-colemancomfp_0001771.jpg zendaya-colemancomfp_0002300.jpg 

I have added HD Captures of Zendaya in the new “Safe & Sound” Music Video she did along side Max & Kurt Schneider,vand Kina Grannis. Make sure to check out the video below and captures over in the gallery! Their cover is amazing!

Hey Guys! I recently teamed up with a fabulous group of people from Coca-Cola’s “Ahhh” movement and was able to be part of a super cool series of videos.  The talented people you see singing in this video are  Max Schneider and Kina Grannis.  The amazingly talented Kurt Schneider did all the sounds you hear using coke bottles and such!! The video was each shot in ONE take…yes, I said one take.  When you watch, you will wonder, “How did they do that?” and honestly, I had no idea how it was going to happen!! Kurt had the whole thing figured out – it’s like a maze and puzzle challenge that he sees in his head!! I just did what I was told!! I think it turned out super cool!! Take a look at the video and tell me what you think in the comments below…and I will try to comment back to you!! Then check out the other videos we did, each one with a different person singing the main part!!

I’ve added HD (high definition) screen captures of Zendaya for her guest appearance on the television show, ‘Project Runway: Under the Gunn.’ Zendaya looked absolutely gorgeous in her orange dress! Make sure to view the screen captures below. And if you missed the episode, you can watch it here.

underthegunn_0000226.jpg underthegunn_0001578.jpg underthegunn_0001818.jpg underthegunn_0001891.jpg underthegunn_0001914.jpg 

I’ve also added HD (high definition) screen captures to the gallery:

zendaya-colemancom_0000014.jpg zendaya-colemancom_0000045.jpg zendaya-colemancom_0000065.jpg zendaya-colemancom_0000147.jpg zendaya-colemancom_0000178.jpg 

Zendaya’s music video for her song, “My Baby” has finally been uploaded on her youtube! Remember, this is NOT a single, but just something Zendaya said she did for fun. You can watch the music video below as well as the HD screen captures I’ve uploaded to the gallery.

zendaya-colemancommybaby0000031.jpg zendaya-colemancommybaby0000091.jpg zendaya-colemancommybaby0000038.jpg zendaya-colemancommybaby0000139.jpg zendaya-colemancommybaby0000154.jpg 

I’ve added HD (high definition) screen captures of Zendaya in the series finale episode of ‘Shake It Up,’ titled, “Remember Me.” This was the final episode of the TV show, I hope you all enjoyed the show and Zendaya’s contributions to it, it was really a fantastic 3 seasons. You can view the screen captures by clicking the thumbnails below.

rememberme_0238.jpg rememberme_0303.jpg rememberme_0742.jpg rememberme_0856.jpg rememberme_0916.jpg  

I’ve added screen captures  in 720p HD (high definition) of Zendaya from her guest appearance on episode 11 for “America’s Next Top Model” – Cycle 20. You can view them in the gallery by clicking the thumbnails below.

antms20e11-0020.png antms20e11-0062.png antms20e11-0152.png antms20e11-0259.png antms20e11-0302.png

I have added over 100 HD Captures of Zendaya in the new halloween episode of “Shake it Up!”, “Haunt it Up!”. Make sure to check them out over in the gallery! If you missed the episode check your local listings for re-runs or you can buy the episode from itunes.

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