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Oct, 16 Posted by Sara

I’ve added one new photoshoot picture addition to Zendaya’s shoot with Amber Asaly. You can view the larger size by clicking the preview image below.


Sep, 28 Posted by Sara

Zendaya attended the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party on September 26th. I’ve added high quality photos to the gallery.

Sep, 12 Posted by Sara

New photoshoot additions have been added to the gallery of Zendaya’s latest photoshoot. You can view them by clicking the thumbnail set below.

Jul, 24 Posted by shelby

I have added 9 beautiful photoshoot images of Zendaya from the amazing photographer Aris Jerome. Make sure to head to the gallery to check them out! Zendaya is currently in production on her new Disney Channel Series K.C. Undercover scheduled for an early 2015 release.

Also i have updated the LYRICS ARCHIVE with the song “Too Much” from the DCOM “Zapped”!

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Jul, 7 Posted by Sara

Zendaya is in the newest issue of Rolling Out Magazine. You can view the photoshoot pictures below and read the interesting interview as well!


Zendaya couldn’t control her laughter. During an exclusive photo shoot with rolling out at McCadden Space Studio in Los Angeles, she began teasing her stylist, Luxury Law, for borrowing an article of clothing from a person who just happened to be on set. Her stylist made a makeshift turban out of the person’s neck scarf.

Zendaya found herself amused by the random act and joked that her stylist would borrow a stranger’s shoes, car, or dog in order to get the perfect look.

“Hey, you don’t need your dog do you? If not, [Luxury Law] would just borrow him for a second,” Zendaya joked as a woman walked past the studio with her puppy in tow.

It was the one moment of teenage banter at a photo shoot in which Zendaya was strictly about her business.

When the cameras were on, she never lost focus. The actress, singer and dancer posed with the confidence and grace of a seasoned model. Effortlessly, she portrayed an array of emotions with her body and facial expressions — a skill that often takes years for even the most prominent celebrities to perfect. When she’s in her zone, there’s nothing to suggest that she isn’t a 27-year-old trapped in the body of 17-year-old kid.

It’s important to remain levelheaded in such a topsy-turvy business.

The last 10 days must have been a whirlwind for Zendaya. She began last week by traveling across the nation to promote her new Disney film, Zapped, which premieres June 27.

By midweek, it was announced that she would be the new face of Madonna’s fashion line, Material Girl. And the week ended with adulation and controversy after it was revealed that Zendaya got the coveted role in an upcoming biopic based on the life of the late, great Aaliyah.

It’s a dream role for any actress to portray such an iconic figure. During our interview, she took a moment to explain how she was inspired by Aaliyah. “I’m inspired by a lot of Aaliyah’s music and her sound and her look,” Zendaya said. “Her voice was soft and she had a wide range of fans because of her look and sound. I definitely look up to her.”

Twitter critics came up with ludicrous reason as to why she didn’t deserve the part. Cultural blogger and former Vibe Vixen editor Starr Rhett shared her thoughts on the negative Twitter reactions.

“The backlash that Zendaya received was silly but predictable,” Rhett says. “I think Zendaya may have gotten backlash because she’s young and many of Aaliyah’s fans, who are in their mid to late 20s and 30s, may not know who she is [yet]. Think about it; she beat out some stiff competition with whom we are definitely more familiar. So keeping that in mind, I have faith that she will do a good job.”

May, 28 Posted by Sara

I’ve added gorgeous high quality images of Zendaya from her photoshoot for Faze Magazine. You can view the photos by clicking the thumbnails below.


May, 11 Posted by shelby

Zendaya graces the June/July Issue Cover of GL Magazine. In the Mag Z dishes on her new movie ‘Zapped’ new show ‘K.C. Undercover’, and more make sure to check it out below, and check out images over in the gallery plus more K.C Undercover Episode Stills!

On her number one guy — her father, Kazembe: “He’s taught me to fight for what I believe in. It’s easy to give into things based on peer pressure or because we don’t have the confidence to stick up for ourselves, but it’s important you don’t let anybody tell you what you’re worth.”

On Zapped: “This movie is more about real issues, which is cool. [Zoey’s] mom remarries and she’s gotta move in with boys she doesn’t get along with and adjust to a new environment. Everyone in the world has to go through changes and deal with weird situations. We had to shoot some scenes outside of a school, and there were bees everywhere. They’d be swarming all over the craft service table. [People] freaked out. It was funny. I mean, who’s not scared of bees? But I’ve been around them so much now, I’m cool with them.”

On her new Disney show: “It’s like The Cosby Show meets That’s So Raven meets Kim Possible. Her parents are spies and need her help, so she’s recruited. She has to balance being a regular girl and disappointing her friends ’cause she can’t tell them.”

May, 2 Posted by Sara

I’ve added the first promoshoot images of Zendaya in “Zapped.” You can view the photos by clicking the thumbnail set below.


May, 2 Posted by Sara

Zendaya looks gorgeous in her new photoshoot with FLAUNT magazine! You can view the photoshoot images I’ve uploaded by clicking the thumbnail set below.

Shot_01_2679-1024x683.jpg Shot_02_2798-683x1024.jpg Shot_03_2922-1024x683.jpg Shot_04_2979-683x1024.jpg Shot_05_3100-1024x683.jpg 

Zombie planes, mudslides, fracking waste, the meaningless and everlasting worship of a good set of zygomatic arches. Russia. Sometimes we just need to forget the world and decompress with a nice pop tune. Enter 17-year-old actress/singer/dancer/pianist Zendaya, who got her start alongside Bella Thorne in the Disney centrifuge, playing Rocky Blue on the sitcom Shake It Up. Now the renaissance gal has a new self-titled album coming out, a pilot in the works, and a movie slated for release this summer.

What in regards to your new album are you most excited to share with your Zswaggers [read: Zendayan Beliebers]?
I think mostly just the fact that it’s very personal. I love every song and I definitely feel it’s 100% my style. I wouldn’t do anything if I didn’t think it was 100% me as an artist.

Is there a song that’s most personal to you?
Not many of them are too emotional. They’re not like heart-wrenching ballads. I wanted to keep it pretty light, but one of the songs I really like is “Heaven Lost an Angel.” It has an old-school vibe. Originally the song was meant for a guy. I helped them rewrite it for a girl. It’s a big, long pick-up line. I think it’s cool that it’s reverse roles. It’s the girl trying to use all these corny pick-up lines on the guy.

Songs like “Butterflies” and “Replay” talk about being in love and accepting those feelings. What’s your advice on overwhelming crushes?
I would say my number one piece of advice is to find something you’re passionate about and make that your priority. Being girls, we think about guys all the time and put them in front of us. Find something that you love so much you don’t have to be distracted. Love is a great thing, as long as you first focus on yourself. You also wrote a book,

Between U and Me: How to Rock Your Tween Years with Style and Confidence. What’s your favorite chapter?
I think specifically I love the ones where it talks about BFFs; friendship issues. It’s a really big issue especially in school, dynamics of friendships.

You were on E! Fashion Police recently. Do you have a favorite trend this season?
Honestly, I don’t. I don’t even think I believe in trends, to be honest! I like being a trendsetter and finding new trends. When it comes to, “What’s the best color this season?” wear whatever color you want! Just because the leaves are changing doesn’t mean you have to!

You first found this fan base with your Disney show Shake It Up. Now you’ve got a spy pilot in the works. Tell me more.
I definitely want to stay with the Disney Channel and continue my young fan base. [Disney] came with this idea of this pilot called Super Awesome Katie. We’re changing it. I don’t really look like a Katie! It’s about a normal girl, socially a little awkward. Her parents turn out to be spies and they recruit her on a mission, but she feels like she’s not cut out to be anything special.  It’s more mature than Shake it Up, or any other Disney show. It has a level of maturity but [it’s] also fun.

Who have some of your role models been?
Honestly role models will always be your parents. They are literally the role models. You learn from their mistakes, the things they teach you, right from wrong. I have a lot of older siblings too and it’s really nice that I have people that are a step between parents, the generation gap.


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