Zendaya recently modeled for the clothing line for her ‘Dancing with the Stars’ co-star, Val Chmerkovskiy. Zendaya modeled the shirt that says: Dancing is F***ing awesome. You can view the photos in high quality size by clicking the thumbnails set below.

displayimage.php.jpg displayimage.php.jpg displayimage.php.jpg thumbnails.php.png thumbnails.php.png 

You can purchase the shirt here.

Zendaya is working on a partnership with Carmex. The lip balm king is now making a fashionable line of balms in cute cases with graphic prints like black-and-white houndstooth. I’ve added two photos to the gallery below:

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I’ve uploaded a new photoshoot outtake of Zendaya for the XOUT campaign she is doing. To view the larger size, click the preview image below.

Click to view full size image

Zendaya has modeled for the 2013 fall collection for the Lost Kats clothing line. I’ve added gorgeous, high quality images of the photoshoot to the gallery. I love how Zendaya models for the clothing line every year – I can’t wait to see the winter collection photos!


Hi guys! I’m a new co-owner here at Zendaya Online! I have added to the gallery new pics of Zee for NFL Junior Campaign. I have added 1 new pic of the photoshoot and some behind the scenes pics! Don’t forget to check out the pictures on the gallery!


I’ve added and replaced a bunch of photoshoot pictures of Zendaya from various photoshoots and music videos.

Please do not claim as your own or steal, and please credit the site if used.

I’ve replaced all the photos that were previously uploaded with a watermark, and replaced them with untagged ones of Zendaya’s photoshoot with Michael Jordan Smith:

zendaya-colemancom_281029.jpg zendaya-colemancom_281529.jpg zendaya-colemancom_281129.jpg zendaya-colemancom_281729.jpg zendaya-colemancom_283829.jpg 

I’ve added 2 new additional photoshoot pictures of Zendaya for OK! Magazine with 2 dance contestants from when she was on “Dancing with the Stars:”

zendaya-colemancom_284029.jpg zendaya-colemancom_284129.jpg Untitletrd 1 Untitletrd 1 Untitletrd 1 

I’ve added 5 additional behind the scenes photos of Zendaya with Bella on set of the music video for “Fashion is My Kyrptonite:”

zendaya-colemancom_284629.jpg zendaya-colemancom_284529.jpg zendaya-colemancom_284429.jpg zendaya-colemancom_284329.jpg zendaya-colemancom_284229.jpg 

I’ve also added 3 new on set photos for the music video for “Contagious Love” to the gallery:

zendaya-colemancom_284829.jpg zendaya-colemancom_284929.jpg zendaya-colemancom_285029.jpg Untitletrd 1 Untitletrd 1 

Lastly, I added 2 new photoshoot additions of Zendaya for Seventeen Magazine:

zendaya-colemancom_284729.jpg zendaya-colemancom_285129.jpg Untitletrd 1 Untitletrd 1 Untitletrd 1 


I have added the first Promotional Image of Zendaya as Zoey Stevens in “Zapped”. I have also added some photoshoot images/behind the scene images of the NFL Juniors Campaign. Make sure to check them out over in the gallery. Also below are two new VEVO Lift Videos!

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I have added 10 beautiful images of Zendaya’s photoshoot for OK! Magazine. Be sure to head on over to check them out!

I have added some HQ images of Zendaya attending 7-Eleven’s 86th Birthday Party in Malibu, CA. I have also added some HQ images of Zendaya on the beach, make sure to check them out over in the gallery!

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