I have added 5 HQ images of Zendaya rehearsing for the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, that will be held tomorrow. Make sure to check them out in the gallery, and be sure to tune into MTV at 8:30pm to catch Zendaya & Teen Wolf Star Tyler Posey host the Pre-Show.

I have added around 35 HQ images of Zendaya hanging out with Zapped Co-star Spencer Boldman at Echo Park in Los Angeles on April 9th. Make sure to check them out over in the gallery. If you missed the Zapped Teaser Trailer make sure to head to youtube.com/disneychannel to watch it!

I have added 25 HQ candids of Zendaya out in Los Angeles getting some Starbucks with friends on April 1st. Make sure to check them out in the gallery, Z is sporting her ‘Dancing is F***ing Awesome Tee Shirt’.

I’ve added high quality images of Zendaya arriving to the Mercedes Benz fashion show yesterday in New York City. If you missed the photos Shelby uploaded from the actual event yesterday, click here to view them.


I’ve added two magazine scans of Zendaya from the March issue of Seventeen Magazine thanks to my friend Jennifer. I’ve also added some high quality images of Zendaya in New York from various fashion week events. You can view those by clicking the thumbnail sets below.

Click to view full size image Click to view full size image 

zendaya-colemancom002_28529.jpg zendaya-colemancom002_28429.jpg zendaya-colemancom002_28329.jpg zendaya-colemancom002_28229.jpg zendaya-colemancom002_28129.jpg 

zendaya-colemancom002_281329.jpg zendaya-colemancom002_281229.jpg zendaya-colemancom002_281129.jpg zendaya-colemancom002_281029.jpg zendaya-colemancom002_28929.jpg 

zendaya-colemancom002_283229.jpg zendaya-colemancom002_282129.jpg Ujntitled 1 Ujntitled 1 Ujntitled 1 

zendaya-colemancom002_283129.jpg zendaya-colemancom002_283029.jpg zendaya-colemancom002_282829.jpg zendaya-colemancom002_282529.jpg zendaya-colemancom002_282229.jpg 

zendaya-colemancom002_284529.jpg zendaya-colemancom002_284429.jpg zendaya-colemancom002_284229.jpg zendaya-colemancom002_284029.jpg zendaya-colemancom002_283929.jpg 

tumblr_n0wzj3SSUB1r0z1q5o1_500.jpg Ujntitled 1 Ujntitled 1 Ujntitled 1 Ujntitled 1 

Earlier today Zendaya stopped by Music Choice “You & A”, i have added images from her time there, along with those i have also added more NY candids, Z has been out and about in NY this week for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. make sure to check out all the latest additions in the gallery!

I have added another batch of Candids of Zendaya out in NY for New York Fashion week, these are all in High Quality! I have also added event images of Zendaya at the Alice & Olivia Show Fall 2014 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, i will have HQ images from these sometime tomorrow. Make sure to check out the latest additions by clicking on the thumbnails below!

I have added some images of Zendaya Backstage at the DKNY Fashion week as part of New York Fashion Week. Zendaya poses alongside Victoria Justice Zoey and Mia. Make sure to check them out over in the gallery, there are HQ images mixed in with them!

Also i have added around 39 HQ images of Zendaya out around Lincoln Center in New York City! I just love her jacket, she sure is rocking! Be sure to check them out at well!

I’ve uploaded some gorgeous new candid photos of Zendaya in New York City;

zendaya-coleman0com_28129.jpg zendaya-coleman0com_28229.jpg zendaya-coleman0com_28329.jpg zendaya-coleman0com_28429.jpg zendaya-coleman0com_28529.jpg 

zendayacoleman0com_281029.jpg zendayacoleman0com_28129.jpg zendayacoleman0com_281329.jpg zendayacoleman0com_28229.jpg zendayacoleman0com_28529.jpg 

zendaya-coleman0com_281029.jpg zendaya-coleman0com_281229.jpg zendaya-coleman0com_281729.jpg zendaya-coleman0com_282029.jpg zendaya-coleman0com_28629.jpg  

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